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Monday, August 26 2013

Crazy markets these days...

But, we all know at least two things:
1) Economic conditions are bad enough to send the US stock market through the floor, and
2) It is foolish to bet against the Fed, and if the Feb keeps printing money at a record pace, it
    will be hard for the markets to fall.
It's not worth going over this again, but you can get the general idea from our previous blogs.

So, what do the tea leaves say now (see graph below) ???
1) In early July, the SPY recovered from a fast (but rather small) correction and then bounced off
    of the bottom of its 50-day EMA for 5 days (purple box) before heading up (orange circle) and then reaching new
    all-time highs.
2) After falling below its 50-day EMA for the second time a week ago, the SPY has again bounced off
    its 50-day EMA for 5 days (2nd purple box); and again, it appears to have stuck its nose above the
    50-day EMA (orange circle).
3) Of course, if the bulls can get a strong break-out to the upside at this point, we could see more new 
    highs; but if not, things could get ugly fast.

Instead of guessing, it is best for us to depend on MIPS to tell us what to do, and when.


Posted by: Dr. G. Paul Distefano AT 02:13 am   |  Permalink   |  Email
Tuesday, August 06 2013

The following is the opinion of the author and is not a part of the MIPS models or programs.

We do not believe that this bull market is over, for the 3 simple reasons below.

1. The chart below is indicative of every bull market where the Individual Investors
"little guys") buy at the top.  This is just starting but can go on for a long time.

2. The little guys have not yet re-entered the market en masse, BUT THEY ARE 
     - From CNBC -

3. Ben Bernanke is still printing money at a rapid, crazy rate (see email below)

We will depend up MIPS to tell us what to do, and when.

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