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Market Timing

Sunday, October 18 2020
Several MIPS members have asked me to show detailed performance of the MIPS models since June, 2000
- this may have been motivated by the fact that our last signal was June 6, 2020 (see graph below)

Graph 1 - so far, the signal on June 26th has been very successful, and no new signals have been issued by any of the MIPS models since then
- MIPS does not trade just to trade; it trades when it's quantitative computer program calculates and forecasts that we need to go Long, or to go Short, or to go Cash

Graph 2 - Note that MIPS avoided most of "the crash" in 1Q'2020
- note that the MIPS models do trade more often in volatile markets (as they were designed to do)
And remember, you can trade the DIA or SPY or QQQ with MIPS signals (your choice)
- see =>
BTW - when in doubt, just trade the SPY (it's the safest), whereas QQQ is the most aggressive

Graph 1 - MIPS/Nitro55 Graph (since June 8th)
Blue    - Nitro trading QQQ
Green - Nitro trading SPY
Red    - Dow Index (DIA) Benchmark

From (red dots represent trade dates)

Graph 2 - MIPS/Nitro55  Graph (for the last 12 months)
Blue    - Nitro trading QQQ
Green - Nitro trading SPY
Red     - Dow Index (DIA) Benchmark

(red dots represent trade dates)
- MIPS avoided about 50% of the "big crash" of -33%, which bottomed on March 23rd

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