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Market Timing

Sunday, September 23 2018

This is simply an update to the performance graph below (thru 8/9/18 then).

No matter what the "financial press" publishes, they do so based on what the "big guys" are saying, and the big guys are saying what they want to say in order to squeeze more money out of the "little guys".  For example, if the "fat kat" top execs at Goldman Sachs (GS) were strongly convinced that the market was in for a big drop, do you think they would publish it before GS had already sold off every single bit of whatever they planned to dump?  If you think they will be honest in their guidance to the press, please call me immediately because I have a great deal for you on some oceanfront property in Phoenix.

The fact is that "the market" (DOW, SP500, QQQ, IWM, etc) is pointed up with great fundamentals and should continue moving in that direction.  Since 2016 this market has gone almost straight up with no need to trade. All you had to do was to follow MIPS up +55% with very few trades.  And, when the trend changes, so will MIPS!!!

Of course, the risks now are that: (1) the market could get way overbought and drop back significantly, (2) the tariffs that the US is slapping on other other countries could turn negative and they could fight back with more vigor, (3) North Korea is still making noise, and could go over the edge, etc.

So, what is an investor to do? 
- that's easy, let MIPS tell you what to do.

See the MIPS3 performance in the graph below.

MIPS3 from 2016-2018 YTD (+55%)
Leverage: 1.5x Long and 0.5x Short

Good Trading...

G. Paul Distefano, PhD
CEO / Founder
MIPS Timing Systems, LLC
Houston, TX


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MIPS Members:

Just a short note to recap MIPS' performance since 2016. 
- during that time, we have enjoyed a nice 50% gain in our portfolio.

Even though we know that the current bull market can turn south at any time, we believe that it will continue up at a slow pace until "something bad" happens.  The "catalyst" for that could be things like the Fed's reaction to higher interest rates, taffifs going wild, the market getting "way" overbought, US politics getting out-of-hand (as they are headed now), etc.  And, we also know that the risk is even higher now because this time we have much less to "fight with" (quantitative easing, etc.) compared to other recent market drops.

MIPS from 2016-2018 YTD (+50%)
Leverage: 1.5x Long and 0.5x Short

Don't go this alone with your hard earned money.  Watch for signals from MIPS....

Paul Distefano, PhD
CEO / Founder
MIPS Timing Systems, LLC
Houston, TX

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