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Market Timing

Wednesday, June 13 2018

In a recent email we asked our MIPS members (and followers) for their opinions regarding the direction of
the SPY from 4/23/18 through 5/31/18.

The four Categories (explained and illustrated below) were that the SPY woold:

   A) complete the W-Pattern and make new highs, or
   B) at or near the new high level, turn around and head back down, or
   C) hit the top of the Triangle line, turn around and head back down, or
   D) stall before reaching the top of the Triangle pattern, and head back down.

After stretching the rules a little, Category C turned out to be the winner (the SPY went up a little past the top
line in the triangle, and dropped back a little).  We will be sending a one month refund (or a one month free trail)
to the first 10 members (or followers) who bet on Category C.

Since the time period for this first survey was so short, we have decided to "Extend" the survey until the
end of August, with the same rules. Therefore, as can be seen in the graph below, since the SPY did not
go down immediately in April (Category D) nor stop near the top of the upper triangle line and head down
in May (Category C), the only members/followers who are eligible for the the Extended Survey are those
from Categories A and B.

I'm betting on Category C, but am glad that we have MIPS and don't need to "guess" what to do next...

Paul Distefano, PhD
CEO / Founder
MIPS Timing Systems, LLC
Houston, TX

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