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Monday, July 13 2015

Re: Announcement from the European "Liars" this morning...

Bull S... Deal
Agreement finally reached in Greek financial crisis
After months of acrimony, European leaders announced a breakthrough early Monday, avoiding an exit from the euro and a global financial crisis.

This Agreekment is not a final deal.  It is an "agreement" just like their last 100 agreements; that is, "to Agree to try to Agree again".  For the deal to actually happen, the Greeks must start doing their part by Wednesday of this week in order to "start formal negotiations".  What the heck was the "deal" that they all announced this morning, an "informal agreement"?  And, after that, any "formal" deal will have to be passed by the Greek parliament and many other Eurozone members. What kind of a "deal" did they announce today ?

Needless to say, the Greek public is very disappointed with this current deal, as the terms are much worse for Greece than the deal the public voted "IXO" against in their recent referendum. This could have a VERY negative impact on the Greek Parliament's vote to accept such terms, so this is not the end.

The "Greek deal" is still up in the air.

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