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Market Timing

Sunday, August 20 2017

Some "Traders" (mainly day-traders) are panicking because the market (the SPY) has fallen 2.2% in the last few days, and they should be.  "Investors", like us at MIPS however, should not be shook by a 2.2% drop following a 18.9% gain on the current signal. 

BTW, the MIPS models have some degree of relativity built-in so that, under some conditions, the models will consider a 2.2% drop on a 18.9% gain worthy to analyze closely, but not enough to run for the hills.  On the other hand, had the 2.2% drop occurred after only after like a 4.1% gain, the MIPS models would most likely have gone short by now.

See the chart below:
1) The MIPS4 model has been long since 7/12/17 and had gained 18.9% by 8/08/17; only to
     lose back 2.2% of this gain by 8/18/17 (net YTD gain of approximately +16.7%).
2) The SPY broke its trend line slightly by 8/18/17; but closed above its 90-day EMA (red line).

We all know that the market can move in any direction from here, so look out for Signal Change emails from MIPS, and check the "Current Signals" at

Paul Distefano, PhD
MIPS Timing Systems, LLC
Houston, TX

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