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Market Timing

Thursday, March 21 2019

From the previous email below dated 3/15/2019, you can see that the SPY (S&P 500 Index ETF) has been trying to break above its tough upside resistance level at $281/share for several weeks.  Today's graph immediately below shows that after trying for 18 days, the SPY strongly broke above this resistance level today and closed very near $285. 

The All-Time High for the SPY sits at $294 (set in Sept'18).  That is only 3.5% above today's level.  I believe that it is almost a given that the SPY will move up in the next few weeks to test that level.  And, if the SPY breaks above $294/share and holds for a few weeks, we can look for another good run up. 

The MIPS1234 and MIPS/Nitro signals are all Long now, but stay close...

Let's hope for new highs in the next few weeks, but wait for MIPS to tell us what to do...

Good Trading...

Paul Distefano, PhD
MIPS Timing Systems, LLC
Houston, TX


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