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Market Timing

Sunday, March 22 2020
The title above kind of speaks for itself.  Rather that me going on about what happened so far in 2020, and my opinions as to why, let's just get to the point.  In 2020 YTD, the SPY is down -29% and the MIPS models are down only -3%. That, we are very proud of. 
Graph #1
- In 2020, SPY -29%

 More Bad News - The SPY hit and fell below its last support level (#3 below) and the next one is "way down".

Graph #2 - In 2020, MIPS -3%  (from
More Good News -- If the SPY goes down further, MIPS will go up higher (as in 2008, to over +50%)

Note: The above charts from are calculated from actual, verified signals from MIPS (all MIPS models
issued the same signals in 2020). When MIPS models issue a signal after the market close, MIPS members are to trade
on the next days open. The calculated numbers are not 100% equal to the numbers from real trades because: (a) signals 
issued to trade on the open may execute 2-3 minutes late (and 3-4% different than the open), and (b) buying the SH is not
quite the same as shorting the SPY, and (c) the SPY is not exactly the same as the S&P Index which it follows. 
The GOOD NEWS is that these number are indeed close enough for us to analyze and track our performance.

Good Trading...
Paul Distefano, PhD
Founder / Owner
MIPS Timing Systems, LLC
Houston, TX
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