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Tuesday, December 04 2012
Good news, we are introducing  new releases of our MIPS1/VLF, MIPS2/LF, and MIPS3/MF MIPS models that produce better results than our current models.  The current models are very good, but the improved models ("Improv") are even better, with lower drawdowns and fewer trades/year.   Please note that these are NOT new models, but simply revisions to the current models.  Therefore, all models will retain their current names.  BTW, "Improv" is an in-house project name for the development of these new models, and this name will not be used commercially.  In this email, any reference to  "Old" models means the current ones.

Of course, the past performance on our website and the past performance verified by will not change (can't change the past).  But, our "release" process requires that we extensively "backtest" all new models (like the "Improv" models) to verify that they perform better than the current models over all time frames.

For example, see the table and graph immediately below
- the performance table and graph below were generated with "Improv" signals.

Performance with our "current" models can see seen on our website under  the "Performance"
    tab or under the "Signals" tab (past signals button); or performance results from our MIPS3/MF 
    model can be calculated and verified on from 11/04/05.

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