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Wednesday, April 02 2014

Most of you are aware of our MIPS Market Strength Indicator (MSI), which provides a glimpse of what MIPS believes to be the "Strength" (or Weakness) of the market.

Prior to today, the up-to-date MSI graph was on our homepage at  At the request of our MIPS members, the MSI graph that is on our homepage now is "delayed" about 30 days, and the up-to-date (upd) MSI graph is available to MIPS Members only. This means that the upd MSI page is password protected and members must login to gain access.

MIPS Members can access the upd MSI by clicking on the "Up-To-Date" link in the MSI window on our homepage (see immediately below).



#1 - Here is the "delayed" MIPS graph on our homepage (thru 3/14/2014)

#2 - Here is the upd MSI graph at   (thru 4/02/2014).


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